Mar. 28th, 2016

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Well, I’m back in the real world, and on the whole I’m glad for it. The day program maybe wasn’t quite as bad as I made it out to be last time, when I was in kind of a bad mood, but I don’t really think it was doing much for me. I signed out on Friday, and now here it’s Monday and I’m back to transcribing. And I still think I really need to do some writing or something else that would make me take myself seriously as a human being, but it’s not so bad being back at work; my concentration seems to be much better than it was before I left, anyway. I think I’m going to keep my schedule down to six hours a day to try to leave some room for writing. Then all I have to do is actually fucking write something. I have at least three book concepts I could start to flesh out, and my self-confidence is in negative digits, but if I can just do like 500 words a day or something for a start, I could build on that. Lord, here’s hoping. I can’t build a sense of purpose and identity on being a typist.

Books, though! Speaking of books! I have spent the last week organizing organizing organizing books, and now they are finally all organized! all the things about all my books, let me tell you them )


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