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I'm doing NaNo, sort of. Would anyone like to be my NaNo buddy? I can have more than one.

When I say I am "sort of" doing NaNo, what I mean is this:

1, I am going to work on the Rain book every day.

2. I am not going to worry about whether or not I have 50,000 words done at the end of the month, because
a. 50,000 words is too short for a book written in my style (i.e., not ultra-concise), and
b. I don't generally measure the work I do in terms of word count, because I always edit as I go and trying to adhere to the NaNo philosophy of "throw it all on the page and dea lwith editing it later" wouldn't work for me at all. If I didn't edit as I went along I would look at my first draft and sob for days, because my raw material is really, really shitty. So some days my word count will go down and not up, but I will still have been working on the book.

3. Some days I may take notes instead of writing new material. Some days I may spend primarily doing research, and the only writing I will produce on those days will be notes on said research.

4. I may write chapters out of order, such that I will wind up with some disjointed material at the end of the month.

5. I am not the slightest bit interested in any NaNo rules that conflict with my own writing style or that try to manage my productivity in ways that I do not like.

6. But I am going to work on the Rain book every day, and I am going to produce new material most days, and I am going to set a goal of 1,000 words a day on every day that I spend writing, as opposed to researching or outlining. Also, I'm deciding right this second that on days when I research or outline, I have to spend a minimum of two hours doing those things, and that after the 15th I am not allowed to spend more than two days a week on research or outlines.

I'm pretty sure the guy who runs NaNo would tell me I'm not really doing NaNo at all, if I'm setting all these rules up that differ from the ones he set. If so, fine, I'm not really doing NaNo. I'm going to work hard on my new book all through November, though. And if anyone would like to be a writing buddy for me, that would be awesome.

I'm off to look for pictures of my characters that I can upload into Liquid Story Binder now. By the way, if you ask me what Liquid Story Binder is or why I use it, I will leave you a huge long comment that will read like a paid advertisement, but it won't be. Liquid Story Binder is really just that great, IMO.


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