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Hey, EllJays! Hey!

4 to 16 Characters is out in the world now and doing well. It’s gotten a good reception from critics and readers alike; it got picked for Kirkus Reviews’ Best of Indie Books 2013 (the top one of five in the Teen and Children’s Books category!) and it’s been doing well both with teens and with fandom. (This fangirl’s super-enthusiastic review on Tumblr, with 476 notes and climbing, is my favorite, but the Amazon reviews are averaging a 4.2 out of 5 and I’m getting lots of random good reviews from all over the Internet.*) So I shall make an obvious point: Christmas is coming, and I think most of us probably are trying to find just the right gift for the Internet-addicted teenager(s) in our lives. So go with my book! They will like it! So will I! ^.^

(A random note: for some reason, Amazon says that the paperback version will take 2 to 4 weeks to ship. Everything I was told by the company that prints and ships the books to Amazon says that that’s a lie and that it should take no longer than 4 days, but I need to call the printer and make sure there isn’t some snafu. In the meantime, if you want to order the book like right now omg, says it ships within 24 hours. You can also order it at your local bookstore and ask them how long it will take to arrive. Boston-local people, the Harvard Coop has paper copies of it, or they did last I checked.)


*Also a friend of mine in Marvel Comics fandom told me that she had two different people recommend it to her in a single MCU chat, which is amazing because I have done virtually no publicity myself as yet and have not gotten around to the reachout to fandom that I'm planning on doing. Yes, I’m behind. But I was shocked to find out multiple people in MCU fandom were even reading it yet, let alone recommending it!


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